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The Treehouse is a standalone tower of 8 floors with 7 flats per floor. Besides providing cleanly designed, Vaastu compliant flats of 2 and 3 bedrooms each, the design strives to provide an active lifestyle that combines a closeness to nature and a general sense of well being. A unique feature of architecture is the club. In this design, the club is de-constructed into various elements and all these elements are diffused across the centre of the building that we call, De‘Club. In addition to the central club, the balconies here are not just simple terraces but are treated as landscaped courtyards in the sky. Partially open, they incorporate vertical vegetable gardens that encourage growing your own food. As an architectural concept, The Treehouse has seen years of development and fine tuning. We’re thrilled to see this idea finally come to light.

Site Address:

Municipal No. 346/33, Sy. No. 33, Srirampura Village, Jakkur Main Road, Yelahanka Hobli, Bengaluru - 560064

RERA NO : PRM/KA/RERA/1251/472/PR/200121/003213

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  • A Main Enterance
  • B Security Room
  • C Play Area
  • D Exit
  • E Enterance Porch
  • F Water Body
  • G Terrace Garden
  • H Staircase & Lift
  • I Open Terrace
  • J Swimming Pool
  • K DG Yard
  • L Transform
  • M OWC
  • N Way To Basement



The deconstructed club, ‘De’Club’ is the defining aspect of The Treehouse and is a feature that makes this project unique. It re-examines the traditional ‘Clubhouse’ that is a mainstay in all new-age residential buildings and questions the way we interact with this space. While most clubhouses pack in a host of activities in a single area, they are generally cordoned off to a location that has limited visibility or restricted access and this results in lesser usage of the facility. With De’Club concept, various amenities like the squash court, table tennis and billiards rooms, gymnasium, swimming pool are all strong on each floor at the center of the building. Every floor thus becomes a part of the club, while also serving as the main circulation area of the building. It acts as a social space that enlivens everyday life and can be compared to a city square, full of activities.

Balcony Gardens

The balconies are extensions of the living areas that come with customizable features. They can also be transformed into vertical, organic vegetable gardens. Residents will be encouraged to grow edible landscapes that also shield the balconies and interior areas from harsh sunlight. If you choose not to opt for this feature, louvred screens can be an option for, that will provide similar relief.


Swimming Pool & Kids Pool

Squash court


Yoga Zone

Table Tennis Court

Herb Gardens

BBQ Area

Lounge & Waiting Area In Main Lobby

Terrace Garden

Kids Play Area

Game Room

Party Terrace

Unit Plan

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